Ryvit gives you an edge and helps you gain Marketshares. Our powerful integration platform opens up endless possibilities. Here are a few ways Ryvit will help you compete and win. You have what your Competition Doesn’t Integrations. You will be able to interact with any of the applications within the industry you are in. We build it for you and your competition won’t be able to keep up. We create an ecosystem that will be beneficial for you. Your customers will have something out of the box that works for them.

This will streamline their capabilities to work across applications and once data is entered and workflows have been established between applications, an entire infrastructure within their operating model will be available. These benefits are unmatched in the industry. Increase Customer Value over Time Your customer will be able to integrate your solution in addition to accounting applications and project management applications. Your clients can integrate six, ten applications in a single platform with you being the center focus of that interoperability. Create Stickiness with your Customers & Increase Retention Once you have that, they are never going to leave.  Why would they? In order for your customers to have what you are already providing them, they would have to incur higher costs to develop and deliver a similar solution. A single platform with data able to automatically flow between systems is a much greater value.  The ability to recreate would be too costly. Generate incremental revenue There is a co-beneficial arrangement for partners on the Ryvit platform.  We expand market awareness with customers already on the platform looking for a solution like yours, they know they can easily connect to your application and we generate revenue for you. The ability for you to sell the natural benefits of the automation, integration and workflows that we provide is something that will set you apart, increase your close rate and your retention rate.  You can expect to see those types of performance statistics improve for your company if you onboard with us.   Our mission is to help you improve revenue performance.  If you do well, we do well.  We are here to help you bring additional value to your client base.