If you ask leaders in the construction industry what areas to focus on to be successful, you could get an array of different answers depending on who you ask. If you ask a general contractor, he will give you a different answer than the head architect, and she will give you a different answer than a construction software provider.

On the cutting edge of construction technology, we see automation, efficiency, and data management becoming essential to all projects. These advances mean fewer mistakes, fewer safety issues, and fewer unforeseen budgeting snags.

But really, that boils down to three basic necessities.

Successful, profitable construction projects all have three things in common, we have come to realize.

Successful, profitable projects are on time. Delays can be unavoidable due to weather, unforeseen breakdowns, or the like. However, these events must be proactively planned for. Some easy areas to focus on are project management and data management.

Project management should build in time for weather delays. No project is unaffected by weather delays. Unforeseen breakdowns can be managed through collecting data on all machinery to anticipate maintenance work.

Successful, profitable projects are under budget. Keeping to your budget is a huge influencer of success. Projects that go over budget can have significant consequences. Project budget can be influenced by every operating aspect of the company. To avoid later hiccups, it is important to ensure your review and approval process is clearly defined and easily followed. Change orders and RFIs should pass across the right desk to keep rework at a minimum.

Several tools exist to keep track of budgeting and help a project stay on track from that standpoint. Integrating software applications is one way to make sure all of the information is shared a visible to keep the budget on track.

Successful, profitable projects are safe. Safety is absolutely key in the construction industry. Incredible strides have been made over the last century to ensure that all employees stay safe on the job. Your job safety can also contribute to the labor morale and retention. Your labor force should be skilled and educated on safety precautions. This will help to boost your reputation and efficiency.

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Way before we were integrating software or even using walkie talkies on the jobsite, keeping construction projects on time, under budget, and safe have always been three keep attributes of a successful project. Technology has raised the bar and aided in making these very basic goals more achievable.