July 27, 2015: The COSA (Construction Open Software Alliance) has added Ryvit to their esteemed list of members including technology providers and building contractors. This organization advocates for the uninterrupted flow of information between the software applications used and needed most by construction industry professionals. Ryvit’s full support of this initiative gained them membership to COSA. COSA works closely with the American General Contractors who created agcXML.

They have been supporting efforts to create standards in the industry since 2004. The agcXML looks to make open source integration standards to remedy the construction data integration gap. The goal is for industry software to build their integrations using open source integration standards, making it easier to integrate construction software solutions. End users stand to benefit by the ability to easily share data between software solutions in the construction industry. Ryvit understands that it is essential to build integrations that are versatile and delivered to software companies in a way that can be compounded across the industry. Ryvit’s integration platform supports the uninterrupted flow of information by leveraging integration in their unique economy. Ryvit’s membership in COSA signifies that they are embracing the construction industry’s call for open application standards. Ryvit seeks to facilitate the transfer of cross-application data. Ryvit’s Maureen O’Neill expressed, “This is thrilling news and such a synergistic relationship!  COSA believes in facilitating an uninhibited flow of information between the complementary software applications construction professionals depend on most. We believe this, too. Building apps is essential for business success today. Clients want to access, update and analyze their data from any app and any device. Ryvit delivers a quick, modern way to deliver multiple integrations for software companies.  We are helping software companies deliver on the imperative to deliver an open flow of data across their client’s enterprise.” Nick Smarrelli, CEO of Ryvit, commented, “We are honored to be added to this list of COSA members and to be recognized as an organization that supports the agcXML standards.”

About Ryvit: Ryvit builds integrations that are functional and powerful. When connected to Ryvit’s unique ecosystem, partners are able to leverage integrations already built to maximize their ability to integrate without the added cost of custom integrations. We are not an SDK.  We build and maintain integrations for you. Learn more here.