CEO Tom Stemm was elected Executive Director for COSA, the Construction Open Software Alliance during the regular membership meeting held in March. Tom has been a COSA member since 2015. 

The Alliance’s purpose, to facilitate the open flow of information between complimentary construction applications, is a perfect match for Tom’s passionate delivery of construction software integrations.   In his role as Executive Director, Tom will lead the progression of work of COSA and the AGC defining integration standards. “I see this as one of the most important initiatives happening with construction technology. Sure, drones and 3D-Printing are definitely cool and fun to demo, but let’s not underestimate the real financial impact of COSA and integration.   Integration fosters and enables collaboration; it gets information out of silos and into the hands of the people who need it to perform their jobs.  Having to login to multiple applications, or use spreadsheets to share business critical data costs our industry money, lots of money—millions annually.   The elimination of double-entry coupled with increasing data integrity changes how companies operate, think and make business decisions. I am excited to drive the charge along with the other COSA leaders and members to provide software vendors with standards so that their users can access data from the application of their choosing,” said Tom Stemm. Tom Stemm, one of the co-founders of Ryvit, brings almost 20 years of experience in the software development and information technology management industries.  In his role at Ryvit, he leads strategy, operations, and financial planning for the company. He has been innovating and producing a wide expanse of enterprise IT solutions throughout his career. This includes driving development for numerous corporate client initiatives, as well as providing leadership for the Ryvit platform architecture. Additionally, Tom leads and serves as CEO of GadellNet, named an Inc. Magazine 5000 fastest growing company in 2013, 2014, and 2015.  He has been with the firm since 2005.   Prior to GadellNet, Tom gained extensive experience in various roles as a developer, technical lead, architect, and auditor. Tom’s audit background enables a solid understanding of security and control structures, as well as the ability to test and analyze applications and networks for vulnerabilities and risk management. Tom holds a B.S. in Business Administration, Management Information Systems, and a B.A. in Computer Science with a mathematics minor from St. Louis University.   He also serves on the Board of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America – the Mid-America Chapter, as well as the PayIT Forward Foundation.

About COSA We believe in facilitating an uninhibited flow of information between the complementary software applications construction professionals depend on most. We believe that a one-stop-suite is not always the best choice and that it is much more efficient for the end user to operate multiple applications when they integrate seamlessly. We believe this is possible through open application standards that are developed and implemented by construction technology providers to facilitate the transfer of cross-application data. The Associated General Contractors of America developed the agcXML standard in 2004 as the first effort to standardize and encourage the efficient exchange of data between software solutions in the construction industry. Initially, many industry technology providers did not adopt the open standards developed. In 2012, COSA’s founding technology provider members renewed the open standards effort in hopes that establishing a grassroots approach by the software providers themselves would encourage broader adoption and collaboration. As of 2014, agcXML and COSA have joined forces and consolidated resources to continue developing data integration standards and continue refinement of the 15 schemas already developed between the two organizations. Ultimately, the success of COSA depends on industry technology providers implementing the integration standards developed and making them available to end users for use. For more information about COSA contact Tom Stemm at 314-736-5390 or visit the

About Ryvit Ryvit’s expertise lies squarely in the crossroads of the construction industry and software integration.  Ryvit is a new fresh approach to integration for the construction software industry. Once we have access to an API, we can quickly develop and onboard our partners to the platform, who then can rapidly attach to any other application that makes sense.  Ryvit enables connectivity and collaboration for software companies with other business critical applications without additional coding by software company developers or implementation teams.   By doing the heavy lifting, Ryvit alleviates the burden of software integration development from construction companies and our partners. In early 2011, Tom Stemm our CEO, identified an opportunity in the market to deliver software development services in a new way to provide scale and interoperability among industry focused applications.  As a recognized authority on innovative integration and development, he set the course for the Ryvit strategy.  He paved the way for companies to acquire integration capabilities with economy of scale by launching a platform that ensures ease of entry and maximum participation for partners.  Tom takes a serious and integral approach to integration, unlike most solutions on the market–  we are not an SDK or a simple import/export tool–we build, implement, deliver, and manage the comprehensive integration platform required for meaningful efficiency gains and insightful analytics spanning best-in-class applications. For questions on the release or information about the Ryvit integration partner platform contact Ryvit