As difficult as it can be to find a new position in today’s competitive job market, it can be even harder for small to medium sized businesses to pin down the top talent in their industry. The best of the best who are looking for a new position can be enticed by larger companies and the many benefits they can offer. Here are a few ways to attract the top talent to your company. Make your Openings Known

This might sound like an obvious point but make sure your ideal candidate is able to find your listing easily. Most of the top talent will be swept right off the market within a few weeks of starting a job search. They need to come across your position within that small timeframe. If you type the job position into a popular job board, does it show up on the first page? Does it sound like the most interesting opportunity? Are openings easily found on your website? Evaluate your open position on these criteria and see how far they’re really reaching. This might sound like a lot of steps, but it is worth it. Visibility is key. Aside from online searches, word of mouth is a powerful tool for recruiting, as well. Getting the word out can be hard, but there are many ways to do it. Giving employees kickbacks if they refer a friend is another great way to spread the word to people who could fit the opening you have. Offer Competitive Benefits It can seem like you just can’t compete with the benefits a larger company can offer with their workout rooms, cafeterias, private offices, and comprehensive insurance benefits. Not all of the top talent is looking for the traditional benefits package, however. This is when you need to get creative. What perks can you offer them that is more important than a gym or more luring than a private office? Some of the most innovative companies have benefits that don’t cost them a dime. Other low-cost, but creative, perks have the top talent lining up. A quick search will yield tons of articles about the best perks companies are offering. Unlimited vacation has been shown to attract pretty great talent. Do some research- it isn’t nearly as risky as it sounds. Work-life balance is what it all boils down to. One of the top priorities for millennials is finding a position with great work-life balance perks, whatever they might be. Appeal to the masses with opportunities for flexible hours and creative workspaces, which are in high demand. Find a way to give your prospects the promise of great work-life balance benefits and market this opportunity. Bonus: These changes could also have a positive impact on your company culture. Company culture can be difficult to create and manage, but the same perks that get new talent in the door will keep your existing talent happy, along with great management and leadership, of course. Take a Chance on Potential Right out of college, graduates are racing to find their first step to a career before student loan repayment starts kicking in. This pool of talent can go untapped in many ways because they are being weeded out right away for lack of experience. Their lack of experience can be a negative, of course, but it can also be an opportunity to mold a new mind into a brand champion who is passionate about the company who gave them a chance. If you see potential in a candidate whose resume doesn’t have a ton of experience, you could be nabbing the top talent of tomorrow. Hiring the candidate who shows the ability to adapt and grow is much more valuable than the candidate with more experience. Any role within your company will have a learning curve for an incoming hire- with or without 8 years of related experience. Motivation is a key trait which indicates potential in a candidate. This, of course, extends past new graduates. Any candidate who shows an ability to change with a growing market is a great investment for your company. Look for candidates who have the right mix of traits for your position and industry. This could mean passion, intelligence, ambition, creativity, or any combination of these traits.