Being the leader of a project can take a lot of flexibility. Growing a team’s maturity can take patience and persistence. Urging a team to be their best can take a little pressure. A project leader in the iPaaS realm needs to employ all of these tactics to build a successful team. Team Maturity An immature team, or a team with less experience, takes a different style of leadership than a mature team, who will be more knowledgeable. A leader who knows the difference between the two types of teams, and how to be flexible with their leadership style, will be able to make the best of both team maturity levels. When dealing with an immature team you have to give more direction. Step by step instructions might be necessary for these fresh faced employees.

Putting the time and effort into these teams will ensure, however, that later you will have a self-sufficient team needing less guidance. The self-organizing, mature team allows the project leader to be a mentor and focus on growing the individuals in the team professionally. With the mature team, the project leader can act as a fly on the wall. Observe but do not interfere with these seasoned members.

What to Expect out of your Team Your team should be challenged. They should feel some pressure to deliver their best work and meet deadlines. They shouldn’t, however, feel constant and unbearable pressure, as if they are stranded on an island. Finding that balance isn’t always easy, but as a leader, checking in on their work load is important. This will also earn you better results in projects. Keep your expectations at an achievable level, but by no means set the bar too low. You want your team to be able to meet goals and objectives while being challenged to do so.

Sowing the Seeds Give team members the ability to volunteer. This ensures they are interested in the part of the project they will be contributing. This also means less need for pressure from you because they will be engaged and accountable. Allowing your team opportunities to brainstorm and be creative will also increase the team's accountability and level of individual contribution. Take some time to do individual mentoring. Although 1 on 1’s can be difficult to make time for, they are immense benefits. Talk about the personal and professional goals you team members have in mind for themselves. How can you make these align with the goals you have set for them?

The iPaaS+ Difference Our teams are focused on the customer and our project leaders help align the questions they ask to solve problems with the perspective of the client. Our project leaders ask the hard questions and take a different approach to answering them. They try to help their teams free their minds to new possibilities and creative solutions.