What does it mean to be a sustainable builder? A grass hut in the desert? Are there grass huts in the desert? Being a sustainable builder means you are building structures with the future and low-energy use in mind. Using products and practices that will waste less and have fewer harmful byproducts is another large part of being sustainable in AEC. Sustainably designed buildings and environments are put through a thoughtful process required to build green such as LEED certification requirements.

The project's details are evaluated and optimized down to the smallest and most subtle detail. Sustainability in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) is becoming increasingly important as the earth continues to support growing human populations and larger industries. The positives of LEED building include saving money, creating a healthier environment, and promoting renewable, clean energy. Sustainability in AEC can be done at all different levels, including building design and construction, interior design and construction, building operations and maintenance, and neighborhood and urban development.

Through mindful design, AEC is poised to play a big role in sustainability efforts globally. Economic, Environmental, and Equity, or the Triple E Bottom Line is used as a framework for measuring and reporting building performance against economic, social, and environmental parameters. Triple E Line also captures a whole set of values around sustainability to minimize the harm that may result from activities to create economic, social, and environmental value. This framework is an important guideline in sustainability because it takes a holistic look at the potential damages that could result from reckless AEC policies. Construction technology has the ability to take AEC into sustainable practices now and in the future. Taking construction to the cutting edge of technology will help shape the future of AEC for the better. These practices support a healthier environment while saving money. Find out how you can bring your construction software to the cutting edge and support sustainability in AEC.