Ryvit recently integrated ToolWatch and ViewPoint. This integration increased Tarlton Corporation TEAM facility productivity by 19%. Here are the details about Tarlton and how this integration worked for them: CHALLENGE Since 1946, Tarlton has provided pre-construction and co-construction services to some the most important building projects in the Midwest. Other Tarlton services include commercial conecrete repair, restoration and maintenance, hydro excavation and industrial vacuum services.

Tarlton has had a long standing reputation but needed to update some of their technology. Tarlton had been working with ToolWatch for tool and inventory management and Vista by Viewpoint to manage their finances. Tarlton was running an older integration that relied on direct connections to the ToolWatch database. This hardcoded integration was running inconsistently. The team had to run and rerun the integration to end up with data that was still incomplete. The integration unpredictable and unreliable integration was wasting precious time, including some manual processing. SOLUTION Unnecessary complexity was the main culprit. The end game here was to eliminate the human interaction of moving the information from ToolWatch to Viewpoint altogether. ToolWatch’s new Integration Service with Vista by Viewpoint was the answer Tarlton needed. Multiple systems are now able to be integrated in a single place. The solution was a timely reliable automated workflow that accurately integrated data. RESULT An extra 90 minute per day was given back to the TEAM Faculty Managers. The management of materials and equipment become timely and accurate. Tarlton is able to enter important jobsite, budget, and scheduling data along with details about tool and equipment and receive an accurate picture of a single project or their entire business. Countless disruptions with data audits were eliminated and a smoother workflow was achieved. This has impacted Tarlton’s overall productivity and, as a result, profit.

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