Construction's Need for Integrations On an average day, a construction firm needs quite a few applications to functions. Everyone who touches a project at a construction firm is using software applications, but they aren’t always the same applications. A firm might use four or more applications at any given time to track and manage everything it takes to run a construction firm.

These could include an accounting application, project management application, equipment management application, and an HR and timesheet application. Sharing data between these applications is necessary for projects, but it is not always easy. There are times when project contributors have to work outside of the used applications to share data, which can waste time and open up the possibility for human error. With each of these applications running separately and not talking to one another easily, things can slip through the cracks. As applications have become more comprehensive, the integrations needed to connect them have become more complex. Data management is no longer just an IT issue, but a top priority for executives at construction firms. Unfortunately, finding a consistent cost-effective way to give business users access from any device and through one interface to critical data spread across cloud applications and on-premise systems is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. Ryvit applications with talking About Ryvit Ryvit is an integration platform for construction software solutions to connect, making powerful data integrations for the construction firms that use this software. We have supported applications with the top accounting, project management, equipment management, timesheet, HR, expense applications and others. We bring all of the software together that a construction company might need and access to our ever-growing ecosystem of partners for a low monthly fee. We aren’t in the business of creating more work for our clients; that is why we build and maintain critical integrations between your most important construction application tools. What we Offer Ryvit is the quickest way to integrate with complimentary vertical applications. What does that mean? You have the ability to integrate with construction industry essential applications which allow you to spend less time manually inputting data from an Excel process. Take the room for human error to occur out of your firm. Choose which integrations you need and leave the rest. Take advantage of powerful integrations in a fraction of the time it would take to build the necessary integrations individually. Ryvit is not an SDK or a toolkit. We are a comprehensive integration platform with reporting capabilities. When your applications are talking to one another in a meaningful way, that means increased business intelligence and better decisions made for your firm. ryvit-pictogram