Ryvit Integrates ToolWatch and ViewPoint

Ryvit Integrates ToolWatch and ViewPoint   Ryvit, an iPaaS+ Software Integration company, has integrated ToolWatch Corporation, the leader in tool, equipment and material asset management systems, has partnered with Viewpoint, a leading provider of innovative software solutions to the construction industry, to offer a software package. ToolWatch customers are now able to incorporate existing asset management software with Viewpoint by Vista through this software integration, available through subscription.

This eliminates any duplicate entries and manual data entry discrepancies. The integration package will streamline operations, offering efficiency, convenience and fluidity to ToolWatch customers currently using its Enterprise system. The subscription has four major features:  

  1. Streamlined List Management – integration of list data, such as employees, jobs, locations and cost centers to eliminate redundant data entry.
  2. Synchronized Billing to Capture More Revenue – job cost and billing data is collected and aggregated and viewable in a single, comprehensive summary.
  3. Synchronized Tool and Equipment Records – equipment and assets automatically tracked and updated in both systems.
  4. Up-To-Date Data – helps make critical decisions quicker and with more confidence.

  "With the ever-changing landscape, we felt it was important that Enterprise seamlessly integrate with other software systems to provide a better product experience to our customers," said Don Kafka, president of ToolWatch. "Viewpoint is one of the top technology companies in the industry and has proven very quickly that they're the partner for the project. Together, our new integration service allows customers to get an accurate and true picture of a single project or their entire business." The integration package is available for ToolWatch customers that use Viewpoint's Vista software.  For customers that require additional functionality beyond the base integration service, a custom integration package can also be developed. "Joining forces with ToolWatch allows us to offer our mutual clients an evolving best-in-class construction technology solution to positively impact business growth. The integration solution helps make two great software solutions even better by connecting programs, speeding up data transfer, and providing more awareness for customers," said Scott Hegrenes, product manager at Viewpoint. To learn more about the ToolWatch and Viewpoint partnership, please visit www.toolwatch.com.  

About Ryvit Ryvit allows software vendors to connect their solutions with the iPaaS+ platform. Ryvit provides the ability to increasing their sales and marketing reach by bringing integrated application experience for workflows and analysis to the market.  This integration platform gives customers the progressive software experience they expect: to be able to enter, access, report and analyze all of their data across the business. For more information, please visit www.ryvit.com

About Viewpoint Viewpoint is a provider of innovative construction-specific software solutions that offer the global construction industry the tools they need to improve project profitability and visibility, manage risk, and effectively collaborate with the entire project team. Viewpoint solutions include everything needed from preconstruction, to construction and facilities maintenance, and are offered on a variety of platforms, including Cloud, Mobile, SaaS and On Premises. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and with offices in the UK and Australia, Viewpoint has become the technology partner of choice, with customers located across the globe in more than 28 countries. These customers include more than 30 percent of the ENR 400, and more than 50 of the top mechanical and electrical contractors inthe United States – more than any other construction software provider. For more information, please visit www.viewpoint.com.  

About ToolWatch Corporation Founded in 1991, ToolWatch is the world's leading provider of tool, equipment, materials and consumables management systems. Combining easy-to-use ToolWatch data collection devices with a powerful database system, ToolWatch technology enables the tracking and management of construction resources throughout an entire organization, delivering significant savings of both time and money to companies of all sizes. Used by more than 4,000 organizations in 20 countries around the world, ToolWatch applications use the most current and reliable technology to manage assets for maximum utilization and productivity throughout an organization. For more information, visit www.toolwatch.com.