In the construction space, 26% of software applications do not integrate at all, according to a JBKnowledge report. The majority of the software vendors who claim they do integrate, don’t integrate intelligently.  When it comes down to it, many of these integrations are just an excel import/export process which take a lot of manual manipulation, and worst of all, time. This is not integration.

Software integrations should be designed to save time and effort for your team.  More importantly, integration is the free flow of data between applications.

  1. Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a major benefit of quality integration. Sharing data across applications and the ability to push and pull data as necessary between applications will open your business up to opportunities to make informed and powerful decisions. When your data can talk to each other and provide meaningful insights, you have achieved business intelligence. This is only possible through quality integration. Data-driven insights cannot be elicited from integrations that use CSV import/exports. Without these insights, you lost out on the ability to make your business more efficient and effective through integration.

  1. API

API integration that harnesses the power of you data to provide business intelligence is a completely separate type of functionality when compared to “integrations” that are CSV import/export. Your integrations should bring together the different software applications you use and allow these components to functions as one. When you are able to truly bring together the disparate applications, your data becomes part of a large system.

  1. Workflows

When your data integration is processed through a CSV file, you are not able to create and establish automated workflows. Workflows have the potential to save your team time and effort on medial, repetitive tasks. Workflows are only achieved when a piece of data is taken all through way through the necessary set of steps to attain a goal, from inception to completion, without manual work. This kind of automation requires intelligent integration. CSV file exports cannot support hands-off automation.   The construction industry is missing out on big opportunities when it comes to integration. As one of the largest nationwide industries, firms should be taking advantage of the latest trends on information flowing between applications. In most cases, your team is spending time and energy creating work-arounds. Integrations should not be work for the end user.