• Are you an assertive, proactive, decisive and competitive self-starter?
  • Do you make decisions and solve problems primarily using data and analytics, but can turn up the charm to get your way?
  • Are you great at seeing how something should work and breaking projects down into specific priorities?
  • Do you want to be in control of your own destiny, and get in early on a start-up with a solid foundation?

If you answered yes, and you think you can keep up, come join our team.

RYVIT is a platform that connects top industry software with top accounting and operational systems as an add-on service.  As the Product lead for a technology infrastructure that does not exist anywhere else in the market, you will drive opportunity by managing several aspects of the custom product work we do for our channel partners.  Each channel partner will have one or more pieces of custom software developed by us connecting their software with market-leading accounting and operational platforms.

You will:

  • Manage the onboarding and ongoing relationship with channel partners
  • Determine highest revenue opportunities for custom software products
  • Scope the functional requirements that will maximize demand
  • Oversee a portfolio of projects from beginning to end including prioritization, development, testing and deployment of SaaS solutions
  • Provide project leadership and technical direction to channel partners and the development team, translating the product and company vision into actionable output
  • Assist channel partners in marketing and upselling their current client base to maximize penetration of the integration solutions we build
  • Analyze and adjust product offering and marketing efforts
  • Prioritize development and marketing efforts based off of ROI
  • Facilitate additional channel partners

You will interface with our technical and design teams to maximize the revenue from each channel partner relationship, and help establish best practices for future partner relationships.  You will be pioneering our product, so the faint of heart need not apply.

We have a smart team, a unique understanding of a wide market opportunity, a technical platform that minimizes development cost for interfacing with top accounting and operational software (often where no API exists), and the ability to be nimble.  Top talent only need apply.  Great upside, opportunity is both realistic and attainable.

You’re the person for this job if you have:

  • Business development or account management experience
  • Software development or software product design experience
  • Product development experience and/or operations leadership
  • Working knowledge of the Construction industry
  • Knowledge of APIs
  • Project P&L experience
  • Ability to manage multiple competing projects
  • History of creating business use cases a big plus
  • A work hard, play hard mentality
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