• Are you an assertive, proactive, decisive and competitive self-starter?
  • Do you make decisions and solve problems primarily using data and analytics, but can turn up the charm to get your way?
  • Are you great at seeing how something should work and breaking projects down into specific priorities?
  • Do you want to be in control of your own destiny, and get in early on a start-up with a solid foundation?

If you answered yes, and you think you can keep up, come join our team.

RYVIT is a platform that connects top industry software with top accounting and operational systems as an add-on service.  As an engineer for a technology infrastructure that does not exist anywhere else in the market, you will drive opportunity by working to overcome and simplify hard technical challenges.  Working with a degree of autonomy is required, balanced with knowing when to seek help from the team and collaborate on bigger problems and technical designs.  Working across our entire Product team, we expect our engineers to develop understanding of the business case to apply technology for long-term value creation, transforming the lives and business of the Customers we seek to enable.

You will:

  • Work within a flexible, fast-paced environment, centered around team support, collaboration, and self-governance for process administration
  • Build solutions to core technical problems that do not always have a defined pattern available
  • Evolve industry best practices to establish new paradigms in the delivery of technical solutions
  • Be at the forefront of technology adoption, development, and delivery
  • Design, develop, test and peer review many technical solutions
  • Work with the entire product and marketing teams to break down work, establish work plans and promote completed work to engage end-user adoption
  • Transform the way many businesses operate by delivering automated solutions
  • Ensure quality, reusability, portability, and high performance standards are met

You will be pioneering many of the technical output we seek to create, so the faint of heart need not apply.  Working with our Product leads, in addition to Customers directly, you will need to possess an ability to communicate well, collaborate along each stage of the development lifecycle, and be nimble to evolving priorities.

We have a smart team, a unique understanding of a wide market opportunity, a technical platform that minimizes development cost for interfacing with top accounting and operational software (often where no API exists), and the ability to be nimble.  Top talent only need apply.  Great upside, opportunity is both realistic and attainable.

You’re the person for this job if you have:

  • Expertise in the .Net stack / architecture (emphasis on C#)
  • Experience with one or more of the following languages to supplement .Net expertise: Java, PHP, C++, Perl, Python, Ruby, or similar
  • Working knowledge of SQL DBMS: MySQL, MS SQL, or other
  • Experience with Front-End technologies HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Angular, React, etc.
  • Solid understanding and working ability to design OO programs and components with an emphasis on reusability, portability, and high performance
  • Experience in large, multi-platform production environments such as AWS or the Azure platform
  • Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent communication skills; ability to communicate up, down, and across the business
  • Microsoft Office, emphasis on Excel
  • A work hard, play hard mentality
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