Newforma + Procore

Key Points

  • Transfer submittals to Architect's Newforma Project Center.
  • Transfer reviewed submittals back to Procore.
  • Eliminate double data entry for Architects and Contractors.

Integration Summary

The Newforma Contract Management (NCM) Connector with Procore, makes it easier than ever for construction and design teams to review Submittals and RFI's quickly. The connector seamlessly transfers Submittals and RFI's ready for review from the Contractor's Procore project into the Architect's Newforma Project Center (NPC) project. When the review process is complete within NPC the Submittal response is automatically transferred back to Procore. The construction team can stay in Procore and the design team in Newforma.

Why contractors love this connector.

Contractors using Procore face unique challenges when working with design teams that used third-party programs such as Newforma Project Center. With this connector, contractors and design teams work within the system they prefer and experience more streamlined and simplified workflows by automating the transfer of RFI and submittal information.

  • No need to learn a new system or teach design team members how to use Procore.
  • Use the product they know and love to track project workflow data.
  • Maintain consistent and accurate records for construction meetings between project team members.
  • Receive RFIs and submittals back when the review process is complete without having to contact design teams to respond to Procore.
  • Streamline workflows for individuals that choose not to use Procore, no more manual work!


Download .pdf for Contractors

Why Design Teams love this connector.

Are you tired of fighting at kick-off meetings about whose system will be used for managing Construction Administration on your projects? With this connector, manual double-entry is eliminated. RFIs and Submittals automatically flow effortlessly between Design and Contractor teams using Procore and Newforma Project Center.

  • RFIs and Submittals automatically sync between Procore and Newforma, resulting in a complete project record.
  • No need to learn a new system, or teach contractors how to use Info Exchange.
  • Save time in construction with faster RFI/Submittal turnaround time.
  • Accurate record-keeping for construction meetings and project history.
  • Design teams always retain access to RFI and submittal data when the project is archived.


Download .pdf for Design Teams

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Newforma + Procore