Sage 300 + Rhumbix

Key Points

  • Assure Projects, Phase + Cost Codes, and Employees are automatically synced to Rhumbix
  • Empower foreman, supervisors, and project managers in the field to measure and manage labor productivity in order to be more profitable
  • Timecards in Rhumbix are automatically synced to Sage 300 for for payroll approval and processing

Integration Summary

The integration between Sage 300 and Rhumbix allows construction companies to have real-time insight into labor and productivity data impacting your job costs.

By turning on this integration, field supervisors and foreman can sleep easy knowing that the Jobs, Phase Codes, and Employee records in Rhumbix are continuously up to date without having to mess with duplicate data entry. As your crews in the field complete their time tracking and productivity reporting in Rhumbix, the data is then automatically synced back to both the Job Cost Actuals (vs. Budget) and Payroll in Sage 300 for full visibility by the home office team.

Data Mapping