Viewpoint Vista + myCOI

Subcontractor compliance made easy.

Key Points

  • Save time and improve compliance accuracy for your teams with myCOI's cloud-based compliance tracking application
  • Increase the value of your myCOI investment by allowing critical job, subcontracts, and compliance details to be synced between myCOI and Vista
  • Reduce the risk associated with litigation costs or failed audits due to underinsured claims on your construction projects

Integration Summary

Is your team spending an excessive amount of time trying to manually track down subcontractor insurance compliance documents and navigating the intricacies of insurance documentation? Struggling with how to automate project based insurance tracking while also mitigating the risk associated with vendors that have non-compliant insurance? 

Enter myCOI.

Ryvit's integration between myCOI and Viewpoint Vista automates the tracking process for certificates of insurance (COIs). Take advantage of myCOI's best of breed compliance management software and assure that each of your vendor's (or subcontractor's) insurance coverage meets the requirements of each job prior to remitting payment for work completed.

Data Mapping

Viewpoint Vista + myCOI