Viewpoint Vista + PlanGrid

Key Points

  • Keep everyone in your construction company up to date on blueprints (Sheets) by using PlanGrid’s best of breed blueprint application
  • Sync critical blueprints, markups, RFI, issues, submittal information between PlanGrid and Viewpoint Vista
  • Enable your employees in the field to be more efficient with a mobile solution like Plangrid, while assuring necessary data is collected in Vista's project managment module

Integration Summary

PlanGrid’s construction and blueprint management solution is allowing construction companies to rapidly transform how site teams can digitally view, capture and report important blueprint and field activities. The integration between PlanGrid and Viewpoint Vista assures that the team in both the field and office are on the same page with documents, RFI’s, issues, drawing logs, and submittals. 

Examples of the types of data your company can rapidly digitize and sync include: Blueprints, RFI, Issues, Submittals, Punch Lists

Data Mapping