Viewpoint Vista + Procore

The one stop shop project management integration

Key Points

  • Connect the office and field team by integrating your construction ERP with Procore
  • Project managers can manage the cost detail side of the project in real time within Procore
  • Allow both project and accounting teams to make decisions confidently as job cost data is synced between both systems through the use of Procore's built in accounting approver capabilities

Integration Summary

The integration between Vista and Procore allows construction companies to harness the power of both Viewpoint Vista's powerful accounting functionality as well as Procore's robust project management and job costing capabilities.

By aligning your field project management and accounting teams and enabling this integration, decision-makers can rest assured that job cost data for all of your projects will be synchronized in one location in order to monitor the financial health of each project while eliminating any manual or double data entry.

Leveraging this integration will allow your team to automatically sync cost data to and from Vista for commitments, actual costs, change orders, and more.

With instant access to current financial information that improves accounting-to-field communication, both your project and accounting teams will be able to make well-informed and timely decisions.