Viewpoint Vista + Toolwatch

Robust Asset Management & Tracking Meets ERP

Key Points

  • Assure the field crew has everything they need to complete the job and work efficiently by leveraging Toolwatch's best of breed solution
  • Tool, equipment, and list items shared between Vista and Toolwatch are continuously synchronized
  • Capture more accurate revenue numbers with synchronized billing

Integration Summary

The integration between Toolwatch and Viewpoint Vista is all about simplifying resource and asset management within a construction company in order to ultimately minimize profit erosion. Streamline your field team's usage and availability of equipment, tools, equipment, and consumables, while assuring the usage in Toolwatch is reflected accurately in the associated job costs and company financials in Vista. 

A variety of GC's and subcontractors are taking advantage of ToolWatch's robust asset management platform in order to take control of job costs and assure that teams have everything they need in order to operate efficiently in the field. 

Contact the team at Ryvit or Toolwatch to learn more.  

Data Mapping

Viewpoint Vista + Toolwatch