Viewpoint Vista + TSheets

Key Points

  • Ditch the paper timecards and job site hardware by going mobile with field timecard entry. Sync your employee's time-sheets from T-Sheets back into Vista
  • Leverage the power of Ryvit's prebuilt integration to quickly and easily integrate your T-Sheet and Viewpoint Vista
  • Save your team time and money while also gaining new insights into how field labor costs are impacting job costs

Integration Summary

The integration between TSheets and Viewpoint Vista allows employees in the field to clock in and out from the jobsite with the mobile devices they are already own. No new hardware or kiosks to install in the field in order for your employees or supervisors to log time for the day, while gaining added visibility to employees location while on the clock based on GPS coordinates

Jobs, Employees, and Cost Codes (Job Phase Codes) are automatically synced to TSheets from Vista. Once timecards are approved in TSheets, all employee or crew timecard entries are synced back to Vista. 

Don't want your employees using personal devices to log time? Consider using TSheets Time Clock Kiosk or Time Card App for Crews for recording time in the field without having to worry about training field employees on how to enter their own time. 

If your company works on government contracts, you can confidently adopt a TSheet time entry solution that is compliant with the Defense Contract Audity Agency (DCAA) and the Fair Labor Standards Acts. 

Data Mapping