Ryvit’s Partner Program

The Ryvit Partner Program supports a robust ecosystem of organizations working to connect prospects and clients with world-class best-of-breed applications, integration technologies and services. The channel partner program is made up of solution providers, OEM partners, referral partners, and product partners.

Channel Partners work with top organizations to connect Ryvit iPaaS+ prospects and clients with the very best integration solutions and services. As a Channel Partner, your organization would fall into one of the following programs:


(Ryvit Consultants/SI’s)  Resell Ryvit integrations and deliver unique solutions to effectively sell, service, and provide Tier 1 support through certified Ryvit licensing.


(Software vendors) Enable your clients to power integration directly within your product by offering Ryvit integrations within your software solutions by white labeling the Ryvit integration.


(Other Consultants/SIs) Refer opportunities to the Ryvit sales team in exchange for a referral fee by delivering technology recommendations to your clients.


(All of the above) Product Partners have a deep integration with one or more of our product lines which include Ryvit’s Sources Data Library, Performance Monitoring, Business Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics. Product Partners extend the functionality of our platform and ultimately help drive customer success. Product Partners could also act as a key data source in our Sources Data Library.