Become a Partner

As a Ryvit Certified Integrated Partner, you already get integrated access to a suite of complimentary leading software applications in your industry. Let your partners, clients, and potential customers know you have this capability. You immediately have a competitive edge against your peers with access to the economy of integrations.


The Certified Integrated Partner Icon can be used in your marketing materials, website, and inbound marketing materials.  It demonstrates that you are committed to an open ecosystem of software platforms with a key focus on client efficiency. Clients will soon be demanding that their future and current software vendors are on the Ryvit platform.

Once you’ve become a partner, share the badge with pride, because with very little work on your end, you’ve changed the way your customers do business. 

The Certified Integrated Partner Icon will show your clients and potential partners that you are able to offer them flexible and powerful integrations allowing them the best business intelligence.