Ryvit Unveils the First-Ever CDX-Certified Integration with Newforma and the Construction Progress Coalition

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St. Louis, MO, November 1, 2022 - In partnership with Newforma and Procore, two leading project management solutions focused on transforming the construction industry, Ryvit has developed the first ever CDX-Listed and CDX-Validated integration certified by the Construction Progress Coalition (CPC).

Until now, architecture firms that use Newforma - and wish to send requests for information (RFIs) to general contractors (GCs) that use Procore - would have to manually enter data into both systems. This process leads to wasted time spent on hundreds of data records within a single project for two of the most common workflows performed between a GC and architect.


CDX stands for Construction Data Exchange.

As defined by the Construction Progress Coalition:
CDX is a communication tool utilized between construction project delivery stakeholders and their technology solution providers, together with the regulators of industry process and data.

The CPC’s 2021 CDX Research Report provides parameters for solution providers that plan to create integrations between multiple technology systems for multiple project stakeholders. For example, Ryvit’s integration between Newforma and Procore leverages the CPC’s research to ensure that architects can stay in Newforma and general contractors can stay in Procore when required to work through RFI and Submittals processes together.

CDX Scorecard and Certification

On October 20, 2022, at the AGC of Missouri’s 10th Annual Design & Construction Technology Conference, Nathan Wood unveiled the first edition of the CDX Scorecard and announced that Ryvit’s Newforma <> Procore CDX integration was officially the first CDX-Listed and CDX-Validated integration.

There are three certification levels:

  1. CDX-Listed

    To be listed, an integration must be able to perform the digital transaction of a standard project information container (DOR) between stakeholder systems using a third-party immutable record. To confirm this has been accomplished the solution provider must show that there have been at least fifty (50) successful project installations across five (5) or more accounts.

  2. CDX-Validated

    To be validated, a CDX-Listed integration must provide an anonymized report of CDX usage and project accumulation over time; showing at least one (1) thousand annual transactions.

  3. CDX-Verified

    To be verified, a CDX-Validated integration must demonstrate that it has created interoperability adoption that also assures compliance with broader reporting standards or collaboration protocols (ie. ISO 19650, CMMC).

This certification process exists to promote transparency and accountability between construction tech and construction stakeholders by introducing and upholding actionable definitions built upon market adoption, stakeholder acceptance, verifiable ROI, and demonstrable process improvements.

Turning Theory into Real-Life Impact

The Construction Progress Coalition has been laser-focused on helping the construction industry be better prepared to realize the digital revolution’s impact. As part of their 2021 CDX research efforts, the CPC identified several workflows and processes that have been bogged down by wasted manual efforts spent on duplicate data entry (and the costly problems unleashed therein). Two of those workflows take place between architects on Newforma and GCs on Procore – the RFIs and Submittals processes. After months of collaboration with project managers (PMs), product experts from Newforma and Ryvit were able to accurately outline the current-state processes (Exhibit 1A) and confidently scope their highly automated future-state (Exhibit 1B).

newforma before workflow

Exhibit 1A - Image Credit: Newforma

newforma after workflow

Exhibit 1B - Image Credit: Newforma

When multiple CA systems are in play, information has to be moved between them. The General Contractor most often initiates the submittal or RFI in their system. An email notification is usually sent to the Design Team triggering action to log into the Contractor system to download attachments and record comments, instructions, and RFI questions. The Design Team must then re-enter that information in their system and upload the attachments. This may result in human error. There is also a chance that someone will forget to log the submittal or RFI. Once the Design Team completes the review in their system, they must download responses and attachments to upload back in the Contractor’s system. Yet another opportunity for error.

Connecting Newforma Project Center to Procore significantly reduces the number of steps to create, review, and close a submittal. Team members no longer have to re-enter data and upload or downloading attachments. Submittals and RFIs are automatically moved between systems without human intervention.

All-in on CDX

To date, integrations that move data between two systems for a single company (referred to as company-level integrations) have been the primary vehicle by which construction companies can immediately improve technology adoption rates and eliminate time wasted on duplicate data entry. Ryvit’s iPaaS marketplace now boasts over forty (40) company-level integration products that automate tasks for nearly every business department, including Accounting, HR, Project Management, and Equipment Management. Over one (1) thousand architects, general contractors, subcontractors, and owners leverage Ryvit’s iPaaS to help them reclaim their time and leverage their people for more impactful and strategic work – an invaluable return on investment (ROI) when considering the growing concerns of construction labor shortages.

Looking forward, CDX integrations will usher in the ability to share project data between multiple construction stakeholders working on the same project within multiple systems (ie. Architects in Newforma and GCs in Procore). Ryvit has laid a foundation that will make launching a comprehensive suite of CDX-Validated integrations a reality. Next on the list is ProjectSight <> Procore (currently being tested with early adopters), and E-Builder <> Procore (currently being designed with early adopter feedback). Learn more about those solutions here.

 Ryvit has deployed the first iPaaS for AEC to version-forward dataflow in construction. Ryvit’s iPaaS is the backbone by which Owners, Architects, Engineers, Developers, GCs, Subs, and Service Providers can share pertinent project information securely and immediately. 

For Construction - There is no shortage of fantastic tools for every facet of running a successful AEC business. And those tools can point to some incredible ROI results with their case studies. What we have found, however, is that without a centralized hub to build and maintain dataflow between those tools, AEC companies are forced to spend their ROI on building an IT department that’s capable of maintaining data-integrity. As a result, gains from becoming more productive remain elusive.

For Construction Tech - By leveraging Ryvit’s iPaaS to build a robust integration profile around core tools, solution providers can massively increase speed to market, keep overhead low, and focus on the core competencies that make their tools standout from the pack.

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