Ryvit & Raken Have Teamed up to Save Sage Users from Wasting Time on Timekeeping.

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Contact: Mike Cisar
Phone: (314) 274-3520
Email: mike.cisar@ryvit.com

St. Louis, MO, April 14, 2022 - Ryvit & Raken have deployed two timekeeping integrations; one for Sage 100 Contractor and another for Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate.

Ryvit & Raken have already successfully deployed an integration for Viewpoint Vista (to the fanfare of many Vista users!), and now our integration network takes another celebratory step forward by adding a tried-and-true timekeeping solution to the mix for Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE.

Raken’s construction time cards streamline your payroll processing by leveraging cost codes for budgeted hours and then digitally tracking time for crews and individuals. Inaccurate hours lead to confusion in the office, frustration in the field, and lost money. But now, Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE users don’t have to settle for endless paper timesheets or trying to figure out a construction time clock tool that needs months of training.

And to help get the word out about the integration, Raken and Ryvit have scheduled some very exciting events!

Sage 300 CRE

If you leverage Sage 300 CRE

You can access our on-demand webinar here for free (and without any pesky forms to fill out!).

Sage 100 Contractor

If you leverage Sage 100 Contractor

Click here to sign up for our live webinar on Tuesday, April 26 to learn more about Raken and get a first-look demo of the data flow between Raken’s time cards and Sage 100 Contractor.

TUG Conference

If you’re going to TUG in May

Be sure to find Raken on the exhibitor hall to meet the team!

Ryan Connors

Ryan Connors

Director of Business Development

“Raken & Ryvit have hit 2022 full steam ahead. I’m proud of the work we accomplished in 2021, as that progress has given us the momentum and confidence we needed to take our integration ideas to additional markets. We’re now able to serve Viewpoint Vista, Sage 100 Contractor, and Sage 300 CRE users with our time card solution. The Ryvit team have been exceptional partners for us in product development and go-to-market strategy. I have no doubt that these integrations will be well-received.”

Tom Stemm

Tom Stemm

Founder/CEO at Ryvit

“Our partner network continues to expand, and Raken continues to set the bar in terms of growth and market adoption. We’re very excited to have successfully delivered a new integration with Raken that opens up new time card options for Sage 100 Contractor users. Our team will make an appearance with Raken at a few conferences in 2022 – starting with TUG in May. We eagerly look forward to showing off all our integration capabilities in person.”

Sage 100 Contractor <> Raken Early Adopter Program

Raken and Ryvit are actively accepting inquiries for our early adopter program for the Sage 100 Contractor integration. Qualified and accepted early adopters will be asked to provide feedback on product performance and will be offered discounts for participation.

Successful early adopters will be live on Sage 100 Contractor and understand the importance of capturing reliable time cards in the field.

To review the data map, learn more about how our Raken integrations work, or inquire about the early adopter program, please fill out this form.

ABOUT RYVIT Ryvit has deployed the first iPaaS for AEC to version-forward dataflow in construction. Ryvit’s iPaaS is the backbone by which Owners, Architects, Engineers, Developers, GCs, Subs, and Service Providers can share pertinent project information securely and immediately. 

There is no shortage of fantastic tools for every facet of running a successful AEC business. And those tools can point to some incredible ROI results with their case studies. What we have found, however, is that without a centralized hub to build and maintain dataflow between those tools, AEC companies are forced to spend their ROI on building an IT department that’s capable of maintaining data-integrity. As a result, gains from becoming more productive remain elusive. 

By leveraging Ryvit’s iPaaS to build a robust integration profile around core tools, solution providers can massively increase speed to market, keep overhead low, and focus on the core competencies that make their tools standout from the pack. 

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ABOUT RAKEN Raken  streamlines field operations and provides jobsite data in real time. Built for the field, their mobile and web apps are easy to use, so field crews document progress and keep the office updated—no extra effort or training required. Increase communication and project visibility with daily reports, time cards, production tracking, toolbox talks, safety & quality checklists, and more. Trusted by more than 34,000 contractors including Level 10 Construction, J.W. Danforth, Sundt, and Opus Mechanical.