A Case for Adopting Best of Breed

Construction companies know infrastructure. At the core of what they do, they design, they build, they install, they service. Whether setting in place the foundation for a road, a city, or a building, they must create something out of nothing from concept to physical reality. The industry is good at what it does: laying the foundation required to build our imagined future.

The time is right to start considering the imagined future of how Construction companies operate their businesses. Not tomorrow, or next year, but right here and right now. There are many transformational concepts entering the conversation around how technology is impacting the industry, from the use of drones to the use of augmented and mixed reality concepts to 3D printing. But something that is being overlooked and less seldom talked about are the transformational abilities that are already available:

The software needed by construction companies to innovate and improve the value they seek to deliver is already available across many functions.

The term infrastructure can mean many things. It can refer to a type of construction, such as Heavy Highway or Civic Engineering. It can refer to the physical technology stack that many companies employ to help them operate their business. But it also refers to the application footprint a company uses to operate successfully, putting the right tools in the hands of the right people to capture every ounce of success that is available to them when the people, the process and the technology are all aligned toward the same purpose and outcome.

Byron Deeter, from Bessemer Venture Partners talks about this concept in an OPED that appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal not moments ago, but over 4 years ago! The idea and reality is not new that a company can adopt the applications and tools they need to perform their jobs in as efficient a way possible. The reality is no longer out of reach. After all, when it comes to the tools the workers use to actually construct, why use a hammer when a nail-gum is available? The industry has evolved its use of tools for decades inside the actual construction process, but has become somewhat cemented in place when it comes to viewing software as an available strategy to separate itself from the competition and drive innovation to achieve more successful outcomes for themselves, their customers, and their communities.

It is in this spirit I offer 7 key reasons companies in the AEC industry need to seriously consider adopting a best-of-breed strategy.

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