RyvitDirect API for Viewpoint Vista.

Access! Powered by the Ryvit Platform. 

Through the development partnership between Ryvit and Viewpoint®, the Ryvit Platform presents a modern integration layer to the Viewpoint® Vista™ application to enable Customers to leverage web-based access to their Vista™ database. The Platform wraps the Vista™ database with a set of micro services that allow a Viewpoint® Customer to, for the first time, directly access their own instance of Vista™ through a modern, restful API service.



  • Encryption for all data in motion and at rest
  • Ability to limit permissions for 3rd party access
  • Named 3rd party authorization




  • Certified access to Viewpoint® One environment
  • On-prem connectivity via RyvitAgent
  • Web-based, restful API service for internal or 3rd party access




  • Organized by Vista™ modules and data points
  • Leverages validation and business rules embedded within Vista™
  • Leverages validation and business rules embedded within Vista™




  • Out of the box installation and activation
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Flexible pricing model based on level of use


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