Sage Integrations Innovator Program


What’s in it for me?


  • Increase efficiencies, reduce errors and increase the ROI from your current application investments
  • Eliminate double entry, information silos, and embarrassing mistakes with customers
  • Gain intelligent insights across the enterprise for better decision-making
  • Off-load the development and maintenance burden of application integrations to Ryvit
  • Avoid expensive implementation fees
  • Be part of the Beta team shaping the requirements for the Sage integrations

Beta Innovators agree to commit 1-2 hours to:


  • Engage in pre-launch scoping that will enable integration of RYVIT with various application data after launch;
  • Complete the project with qualitative feedback prior to launch;
  • Join the RYVIT Applications Team to participate in discussions of RYVIT integrations related to application needs; and
  • Participate in the implementation of the RYVIT Innovators Program by taking lead roles in RYVIT collaboration, bi-monthly standing meetings, workshops, and other related activities.

The Program Goal:


The goal of the Ryvit Beta Innovators Program is to create a small group of new and existing Beta Innovators in pre-launch in order to acquire insights to workflows and use cases to facilitate feedback on Sage Integrations pre-launch, and accelerate the use of RYVIT products post-launch.   In case studies conducted by Ryvit and its subscribers, construction companies using Ryvit integration report saving as much as 2 headcount per year and increase workflow efficiency by over 19%!

The Early Adopter nomination and selection process begins with you!  Simply contact us and if your company qualifies, you’ll earn the right to participate in this unique program.   Once a thorough discovery has been completed the awarded memberships are made to qualifying companies.

PLATINUM MEMBERS receive up to 10 integrations developed and maintained by Ryvit for $1,000 a month*

GOLD MEMBERS receive up to 2 integrations developed and maintained by Ryvit for $500 a month* Be a hero for your company and an industry thought leader by leveraging our iPaaS+ platform for the construction industry today!

Schedule a consultation with Ryvit to learn more about our Platinum and Gold Sage Integration Program Member benefits.