Ryvit is a new fresh approach to integration for the software industry. Once we have access to your API, we integrate your applications with other business critical applications without additional coding by your developers or implementation teams. We don’t offer toolkits, GUIs, and SDKs to let you build point-to-point integrations. We build the integration for you.

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Easier. Faster. Smarter.


Easier. We build software integrations for your company. Behind every Ryvit integration is a team of integration specialists working directly with you to do the heavy lifting. We design and develop solutions with value-adding functionality to meet the needs of your customers. You can integrate your software application to ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Social apps and specialty industry-specific solutions without exhausting your development resources….the work is being done for you.

Faster. Once you have us build an application integration, you can re-use that development investment to connect the correlating database objects with additional applications available on the Ryvit Platform; Or you can choose for us to create a new application ryvit for another vendor’s solution if it isn’t already available. You accelerate getting new solutions to market and quickly create value.

Smarter. Whether your requirements include complex data mappings, data transformation, document generation, real-time synchronization or cross-integration analytics we have you covered. Leverage our resources and capability to deliver a fully-managed, enterprise-level solution to your customers for a fraction of the cost to build and maintain a single point-to-point integration.

Ryvit delivers iPaaS plus a whole lot more — Performance Monitoring, Business Intelligence and Development Services.

With Ryvit you get:

  • Happy Executives – Increase revenue and market awareness exponentially without an upfront development investment
  • Happy Development Team – Leverage our team of experts to build and manage integrations for you
  • Happy Customer – Quickly deploy best-of-breed and complimentary application integrations to your customers


We help you plan and build your application integration, create a go-to-market strategy, generate customer demand, and support your ongoing success as part of our ecosystem.