Ryvit Components


Ryvit Connector

Many of today’s workhorse software packages are deployed on-premise or use a hybrid of cloud-based and on-premise deployments to leverage local computing power and ensure data security. For on- premise integrations, Ryvit deploys a small Connector to send/receive data over an encrypted HTTPS connection with the Ryvit Application Platform.

Ryvit Configurator

The Ryvit Configurator acts as a data director during your implementation setup. Configurator displays the data from previously disparate, disconnected, silo data sources and uses a graphical user interface to map the integration intelligently between applications indicating the direction of the data flow on the Ryvit Application Platform.

Ryvit Integration Database & API

To handle ETL and data mapping requirements, the Ryvit API collects all inbound data and compares it to the information currently in the integration database for that application, making changes or additions where necessary. This process essentially synchronizes the customer’s local application database with ours in the cloud.

Ryvit Data Processor Application

This is the heart of the Ryvit platform. Our processing application allows us to validate, transform and supplement your data to fit integration needs. By abstracting this logic layer from API functionality, partners can continue to develop product features independently of systems integrations. As long as the underlying data structure doesn’t change, your integrations will continue to function as expected.

Ryvit Performance Monitoring

Ryvit integrations are built with a complete suite of logging, self diagnosing and reporting features allowing us to continuously monitor the health and performance of individual integrations and executions. The Ryvit team will bring this monitoring functionality directly to our partners allowing you to monitor the health and performance of your integrations from any device in real time. Underlying computing resources and cloud infrastructure is monitored around-the-clock with guaranteed 99.99% availability.

Ryvit Business Intelligence (BI)

One of the ways Ryvit is different than other platforms is in our custom designed integrations. Because we run mirrored databases on integration objects and have the native capabilities to push and pull data from multiple applications, we can provide partners with insights across the enterprise. This opens up the opportunities for your business to provide meaningful metrics to executive teams, sales and marketing personnel, and even customers. For example, a logistics application integrates with GPS tracking to see real-time location data, but the accounting team wants to know fuel consumption rates based on weight to ensure costs align with pricing nationwide.

Ryvit Professional Services and our BI Engine can get you to that level of detail – delivering KPIs and data-driven insights to make your business more efficient and effective.  Underlying computing resources and cloud infrastructure is monitored around-the-clock with 99.9% availability.

Custom Application Integration (1:30)

Ryvit Data Audit and Validation (4:00)

Custom Configuration (2:00)