Back to the Basics: Where to Focus for Success in Construction

If you ask leaders in the construction industry what areas to focus on to be successful, you could get an array of different answers depending on who you ask. If you ask a general contractor, he will give you a different answer than the head architect, and she will give you a different answer than a construction software provider.

On the cutting edge of construction technology, we see automation, efficiency, and data management becoming essential to all projects. These advances mean fewer mistakes, fewer safety issues, and fewer unforeseen budgeting snags.


Job Costing Best Practices

Job costing is a pretty basic requirement for all construction projects. You have to track and account for all costs associated with a project. To take it a step further, you should also categorize these costs based on their relationship to the project. Common examples of these include labor, materials, equipment, subcontract charges, and burden.