Ryvit’s Partner Program Explained

Ryvit has created an ecosystem for our clients that gives you the ability to optimize your integration offering, innovate your technology strategy, and scale with the Ryvit Partner Community. Once you are a part of our Partner Program they are able to connect to the integrations already built for our other clients. Once we have access to your APIs we integrate your application with other business critical applications without additional coding. The ability to plug into other applications like this and seamlessly integrate without added integration cost, is both unique and valuable. Each connection does not have to be made individually. Our community gives you access to all of our current partners and with that, gives you an edge over your competition. Your integrations will be easier, faster, and smarter. So how do you become part of our Partner Program? It’s easy, just three steps.


Step 1: Submit enrollment application This part is simple enough. Join our Partner Program to get the ball rolling. The application process is quick and easy. Step 2: Weekly 30 minute meetings Setting up weekly 30-minute meetings with the Ryvit team helps us help you. We want to get a full picture of what your needs are how we can accommodate them. These meetings are for status updates and collaboration. Step 3: Set up a test environment and give our team access to your APIs This step might sound like it’s the most complicated but it’s really pretty simple. In the test environment our team will gain access to your APIs and we will be able to do the rest. ryvit_integrationlifecycle_webversion Once you are part of our partner program, we want to help you manage the application we have created. We offer dashboard analytics, deal registrations, and joint business planning to help you get up and running. We enable you to use this application seamlessly to meet your customer’s needs with a wealth of resources. Ryvit offers online training, a shared resource library, content management. On the marketing side, we offer marketing materials, press releases, content and inbound marketing, PPC campaign idea, and brandable brochures and media. The goal of these resources is to help your company be the face of this application without your clients knowing we are in the background. Ryvit also aids with engagement through partner forums, lead and referral distribution, on-going communication and blog, introduction for new partners, and best practices sharing.

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The Perfect Integration Built just for You

The expectation on your teams to deliver applications that change the way work gets done has never been higher. They must be securely integrated in real-time with disparate data sources. Ryvit offers a unique ecosystem for our customers that allow them to harness the power of other integrations at no added cost. Once we have access to your API, we integrate your applications with other business critical applications without additional coding by your developers or implementation teams.


At Ryvit, we are pretty proud of our ecosystem and the opportunities it creates, but we understand this is not the solution for everyone. If you do not want to join the Ryvit Ecosystem but still need an integration built, Ryvit can help you out. We can build a custom integration to meet your needs and increase efficiency in your company. Ryvit wants to see your team deliver the output your customers demand through integration. These integrations will be able to exchange data with other systems on public cloud, private cloud, traditional systems, and other third-party ecosystems. Custom integrations can be the right fit for software vendors looking for a custom integration with another software or a business looking to create custom integrations between existing software. At the end of the day, you will still receive the benefits of Ryvit’s expert team of integration specialists. They will work to understand your business process then help you craft an application integration perfect for your business. Areas of expertise include:

      • CRM
      • Financial Applications
      • Social Media
      • Custom Software
      • Websites
      • Any business application!

  We don’t offer toolkits, GUIs, and SDKs to let you build point-to-point integrations. We build the integration for you.