Top 7 Things to Consider When Selecting your iPaaS

Ryvit is the only vendor that delivers iPaaS +   Data integration is a specialist activity that demands expertise for support, particularly if the project involves complex data or complex data procedures.  If you don’t possess the necessary bandwidth or skills sets in-house to perform quality integrations, then you need a partner with a track record and expertise to tackle tough projects. The challenge: there are several iPaaS solution providers on the market; How do you determine the one best for you? Consider the following 7 areas to determine the following: Are getting the Service in the promise of an iPaaS model or are you getting a tool kit?  If you are bringing this value to your customers or does it require your customers to invest IT and development resources for implementation?


Industry standards The right partner helps to expand and grow your business by enabling integrations that bring you two things: more value to your customers and revenue to your organization. The right partner will also recognize potential gotchyas and know how to prevent them to reduce development and testing time. This in turn will increases your velocity to market with your integration solutions. For instance, at Ryvit we use the agile method, which emphasizes adaptability, and we also use the ISO standards where appropriate to underpin our methodology for handling data.  We can trap coding and communication issues between applications proactively and throughout the development and maintenance of your integration so things are not broken with each new releases or enhancement. This long term benefit will make the integrations you offer your clients run smoothly.

Project scoping A partner who offers a scoping exercise will be incredibly beneficial for you if you are not sure of what methodology to use for your integration, how long it will take, or if you haven’t carried out a data integration before. The point of project scoping is to identify gaps and risks before you begin. It will evaluate areas such as in-house skills, the quality of your data, the project’s timing and identifies the integration tools required to complete the project successfully. Project scoping is an important key to your project road map and allows you to have a much better idea of what to expect overall.

The Approach A robust methodology is essential if you want a staged, well-managed integration.  Most data integration vendors have a methodology; ours is a tried-and-tested, nine-step process that covers the key stages of a successful data integration project.   It spans the entire integration life-cycle from initial set-up, ensuring that you have the right people and equipment in place, through to data assessment to testing then to implementation and version control and on-going enhancements and support.

Configuration Ask yourself these questions: How flexible can your integrations be for your customers?  Has the platform been used before in your industry? You need to be sure that the vendor’s iPaaS will do a comprehensive job, and that the people on the project are experienced and trained at helping to define business case scenarios that are applicable to your industry.

People If the partner is providing consultants, check that they will be available for the duration of the project.  The iPaaS vendor should provide a project manager and a technical lead, giving you consistency and direction from start to finish.  In terms of the in-house team, at Ryvit we check the required skills for you.  Our staff competency assessment is carried out to the highest industry standards.  On average it takes 30 of interviews to identify a qualified member of our team.  We are just that picky.

Experience Working with an iPaaS partner who has operated in a variety of different environments and industries is preferred.  At the same time, the partner should also have prior experience of data integration and migration in your particular industry. Domain expertise is also highly valuable. Ryvit has, in fact, been named as one of the Top 20 development services companies serving the Construction Industry by CIO magazine. Our experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Visibility We manage, measure and guide the software development team at Ryvit to ensure the investment is addressing 80% of the common business case scenarios faced by your customers, while at the same time providing the flexibility to configure and address the needs of each of your B2B subscribers. Throughout the process we give you business intelligence about the integration, because after all, development without performance metrics  doesn’t help you to continue to accelerate your velocity in the market place. We give you real time access into the performance of the integration so you can see what is working and what is not.