3 Considerations before putting your Data in the Cloud

The cloud has become a popular place to store the astoundingly huge amounts of data produced. There are many benefits, such as the price, when it comes to hosting on the cloud and these benefits are what have drawn so many companies here in the first place. You have the ability to access your data from virtually anywhere, so long as you have access to the internet. This convenience is Sharing files is incredibly simple to do with the cloud, as well. Sharing through the cloud can free up space in other areas for your company.


Your company’s data is by far one of its most precious and highly guarded assets, however, so before moving all of this precious data to the cloud, there are a few things you need to consider. Security How secure is the cloud? Some providers are more secure than others. It is important to choose a provider that has experience and resilience. There have been instances of compromised security that have had big consequences. You don’t want this happening to you and using an experienced provider with encrypted communications and proper management and mitigation practices, will increase the level of security you data has. Security needs to be tested regularly to make sure holes to not exist. If they do, they can be dealt with before a breach compromises your data. Control of Data Who owns your data? You need to make sure to find a provider who answers this question with one simple word- you. Your client information and data should be completely owned by you for privacy reasons. Some providers might allow information from your data to be used for advertising or data mining. When you own your data, this will not be a concern. Your provider should know the legal requirements and processes related to hosting your data on the cloud. Compliance Are they up to standards? There are international, country, and industry-specific compliance standards for hosted infrastructure. Your cloud provider should meet all of these standards and be willing to share the details with you. This transparency demonstrates the quality of their infrastructure; which can be audited by a third party, at your request, should you have any doubts. These considerations are reliant on one important thing- the provider you use for cloud storage. Picking a provider who knows your industry well is the first step. You want to make sure the provider you choose is also able to give you the level of security, control, and compliance you desire. Anything less could be worse than dissatisfying, it could leave you exposed to data breaches. Read more about Ryvit’s cloud hosted security.