Webinar: Powering Intelligent Connectors Between Concur and Viewpoint


Ryvit's Concur <> Viewpoint integration allows you to use SAP Concur's expense and invoice capability with Vista or Spectrum to run your business by enabling automation of data exchange, improved workflow, and time savings to keep your systems in sync and more.


You don't have to watch the whole webinar. Here are the key points:

  • At 7:17 | Skip the cordials and jump right into the research done on the unbelievable cost associated with manual processing an expense report (average $35.02)
  • At 11:52 | Tammy talks about the industry challenges.
  • At 15:50 | Tammy and Mike talk about the savings Koss Construction had using the connector
  • At 20:22 | Angie talks about what's new with the connector
  • At 25:20 | Angie talks about the data flow and details of the connector
  • At 49:58 | Mike talks about what our clients are saying!
  • At 51:22 | Mike, tell us what to do next, test drive Concur here, and then reach out to us.