Webinar: When the World Starts Building Again, Don’t Let Hiring Slow You Down


Perfect for companies that are anticipating a hiring surge in the wake of COVID-19, and aren't confident in the HR onboarding process. Learn how to scale up efficiently.

Viewpoint users are LOVING the flexibility that BambooHR offers during the hiring and onboarding process, and now that it's integrated with Viewpoint, the employee and payroll data sync is proving to be quite the cost-saver!


You don't have to watch the whole video, here are the key points:

  • At 6:23 | Skip the cordials and jump right into an overview of the biggest concerns in hiring the construction industry. 
  • At 8:53 | Tom talks about how companies are shifting to technology in the wake of COVID-19
  • At 12:20 | Tammy and Tom talk about the origins of the BambooHR connector
  • At 19:45 | Richy talks about the data flow of the connector
  • At 26:50 | Tom talks about some of the technical details on the connector
  • At 42:01 | What to do next? Visit BambooHR/tour to learn about their app and then Reach out to us to get connected.